Document Generator

Union365 boasts a versatile capability that sets it apart: a built-in PDF templating and generation feature that empowers your union to create any type of document effortlessly. This innovative tool allows you to design customized templates tailored to your specific needs, ensuring consistent branding and professional appearance across all documents.

With Union365’s intuitive interface, you can easily access the templating system and make on-the-fly adjustments to suit your evolving requirements. Whether it’s generating membership cards, event flyers, newsletters, or official letters, the PDF templating feature streamlines the process, saving time and effort for your team.

The dynamic nature of the PDF generation feature ensures that each document contains up-to-date member information, eliminating the risk of outdated or inaccurate data. This is particularly valuable for generating reports, certificates, or any documentation that requires real-time member details.

The database’s integration with cases and grievances is another game-changer. It allows you to seamlessly link specific agreement clauses to relevant cases or grievances, streamlining the handling of disputes and providing crucial context during negotiations. This intelligent linkage ensures that your union’s advocacy efforts are firmly anchored in the collective agreements, promoting fair and evidence-based resolutions.

Furthermore, Union365’s document generation feature seamlessly integrates with the member database, allowing for personalized and targeted communications. By merging member data into the templates, you can create highly personalized documents, enhancing member engagement and satisfaction.

The built-in PDF templating and generation feature in Union365 not only improves efficiency but also upholds security standards. The system employs robust encryption measures, safeguarding sensitive information present in the generated documents, giving your union peace of mind regarding data protection.