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next generation software for managing Union operations

starting as low as $95/month

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Manage your membership

Your Entire membership data at your fingertips. 
Fully secure, encrypted and audited. Easy Import & Export capabilities.

Grievance processes made EASY!

File and process your grievances with ease by leveraging digital tools.
Research, online processing, document generation and more.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

No complicated packages, no per member pricing.
Buy only the Apps you need.
Basic Package starting at $95.

Fully Customizable*

A software solution that is right for you. Fully customizable to your Union's needs with the price of an off the shelf product.

Local Providers

No locked vendor. Work with your local provider or directly with Union365.
The choice is yours.

No contracts

No long term contracts or tricks.
You can terminate at any moment.
Your data is your own.

Fully Canadian

We do NOT outsource. All canadian support staff and development.
All data is stored in Canada.

Fully reliable

No unexpected down times, updates or changes. Your software remains the same as long as you want, with an option to update any time.

Reliability of cloud infrastructure meets security and control
of on-Premise deployment

Find out how Union365 can reduce your workload by up to 70%

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Union365 cost?

Our pricing starts at $49/month. We provide a comprehensive and transparent overview of our fee structure and pride our self on being the most affordable service company for Unions in Canada.

Do you offer Training?

We offer free training with each subscription. Union365 has one of the most intuitive designs and incredibly easy to use, no University degree is required to start using our platform. We also offer additional refresher courses should they be needed.

Do offer data Migration Services?

Yes we have performed successful migration from such popular system like UnionWare, Labourware, Union1, LUNA, Younified, Microsoft Dynamics as well some custom inhouse built systems. Most of the time we are able to offer free migration.

How secure is you system?

We utilize industry standard practices that would compete most banks. Features like SSL encryption, mandatory 2FA, offline storage, RSA encryption are standard across all of our products. Union365 is also the only service provider not to rely on any Public cloud. We own and operate our own infrastructure.

Do you require a contract?

Absolutely not. We do not believe in a locked contract. All of our services are offered on a month-to-month basis making it extremely easy to signup with us OR cancel our services.

Can I have backups or export of my data?

Absolutely, our system provides an easy to use “Take Out” option that is available to all users.

What happens to my data your company ceases to exist?

Due to comprehensive contingency and business continuity plans, in a highly unlikely situation that our company stop operating, each client is guaranteed return of all of their data within 14 business days.

Have you ever had any service outages?

In 24 Month of operations we had a total of 3 minutes of service degradation due a planned upgrade.

Do you offer trials?

Yes we do, in fact every activation starts with a 30 day trial.